Stronger Together

Tyczka has been active for over 90 years as an autonomous and independent enterprise built on tradition.

Our vision represents our value-driven business and provides a foundation for all of our employees.

Our main activity, which will also determine our future development, is operation within the liquid and industrial gas sector.

However, this is not all. We continually strive to implement innovation and develop even further.

As a medium-sized company Tyczka has always maintained responsible and balanced partnerships.

Our specialists are tireless in their endeavours to impress customers, maintain dialogue with suppliers and network partners, and treat all our commitments seriously in order to ensure long-term business relations.

Our employees are the key to the success of the Tyczka group enterprise.

We prefer long-term cooperation and take utmost care that our specialists and managers are recruited from within the company. We appreciate and reward achievements, commitments and a sense of responsibility.

We are very particular about value, trust and respect – these are the values we build our cooperation and activity upon.

Our goals are clear and ambitious, and our professionals provide constructive feedback.

We work on developing new projects and business ideas, consistently pursuing their implementation.

At the same time, we learn from our mistakes, and exploit past experience.

Our business is driven by quality products and quality processes.

We are a competent partner on the gas market.

We support cooperation on a daily basis within the framework of the enterprise groups.

We exploit synergies while respecting other viewpoints and together work on developing optimal solutions. We promote simple messages and establishing prompt, results-focused communication.

We care for future generations by implementing sustainable development.

We ensure sustainable profits and social responsibility, and care for the natural environment.

Liquid gas:

Industrial gases: