Our offer

We are a wholesale supplier of propane, butane, bottled gas, and a propane–butane mixture which meets
EN-589 European Standard Requirements. Compliance with the standards is certified by regular quality
analyses performed by an independent, accredited laboratory.

Direct Importer

We are licensed liquid fuel importers (OPZ), which enables us to trade directly with leading Russian,
Kazakh, and German manufacturers.


We deliver products directly to customers by road or rail transport, or from over 10 docking stations
across Poland, as well as from Germany and Belarus.

We are distinguished by our commitment

As a supplier we are focused on the most important thing – ensuring the liquid gas is delivered at the best
possible terms and conditions. To meet this challenge we apply a holistic approach, from purchases and trade
to the most profitable logistic solutions.

To guarantee the reliability of our supply, the company is present on the European market in Russia and Asia.