Tradition and Security

Tyczka Trading Poland was founded in 1996 and has been in the wholesale trade of liquid gas in Poland for 20 years providing our customers with a high quality product at an affordable price.

We are part of the international and independent TYCZKA GROUP with nearly 100 years of experience on the liquid gas market in Europe.

Our strength is in establishing long-term cooperation with key manufacturers in Eastern and Western Europe. We have worked with refineries and docking facilities across Europe, starting with the Benelux, through Germany to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our customers trust us

We have built a competent and experienced team, who establish long-term relationships and partnerships with our customers based on mutual trust.

We are flexible, and respond quickly to ever-fluctuating market circumstances, and so ensure security and reliability of supply. Alongside the top quality of our products, we are recognized for our guaranteed supply and reliable service.

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